Phoenix Datacom today announced it can make customer networks and datacentres ‘disappear’ – in effect, making them invisible to hackers. Now available to Enterprise network owners, this new solution, codenamed Stealth, was developed specifically for the US Department of Defence (DoD) by Phoenix Datacom’s partner Unisys – to dramatically reduce the attack surface of the DoD’s network and critical assets.

Integrated to existing infrastructures without the need for application changes or network re-engineering, Unisys Stealth creates a logical tunnel between data communication end-points to only those who are pre-identified as part of the defined access zone. Members of these zones seem as though they are alone on the network and are invisible to anyone or any devices not in the same zone.

Stealth technology includes a set of algorithms which scramble data at the bit level into multiple packets as the data moves through the network. The packets, secured using certified encryption, are then reassembled for delivery to the authorised users. Even if the packets were intercepted and their encryption decoded, the contents would prove meaningless without being reassembled with the related packets.

John Carson, Managing Director of Phoenix Datacom said, “Unisys Stealth represents a technological breakthrough in the way we can protect the network and crown jewels from the threat of cyber-crime. Stealth is so much more than just another security layer because it allows you to cloak the network, so as far as those who should not require access are concerned, anything that has been ‘cloaked’ by Unisys Stealth simply does not exist.”

Using a pre-configured USB device, Stealth can also provide secure remote access through an un-hackable and un-traceable tunnel between a public PC and the ‘Stealthed’ areas of the network and datacentre. Carson adds “With highly-publicised attacks and breaches on the increase, Unisys Stealth could not come at a better time. We believe that companies and organisations using Stealth to make the network and crown jewels completely invisible to hackers and potential internal threats are ruling themselves out from being the next target to suffer a highly-publicised and damaging event.”

* More information about the Stealth Solution can be found on the Phoenix Datacom web site here: