Navigatorvalue of gift menuStroz Friedberg, a digital risk management and investigations firm, has launched Navigator, a desktop and mobile application designed to strengthen existing compliance programs. The application is the first to take a holistic approach to compliance, enabling employees to receive clear and instantaneous direction on global compliance policies, while providing real-time data and analytics to help drive key decisions of compliance professionals.

Stroz Friedberg also announced that Aon has signed on as Navigator’s first customer. The leading global provider of risk management and human resources consulting and outsourcing solutions with an employee base of 65,000 in more than 120 countries, Aon will begin to roll out the application to all its employees later this year.

“Effective compliance policies, by nature, are designed with a great deal of complexity, but that very complexity is often a roadblock to employees understanding or following the rules.  Our application is interactive and easy to use,” said Seth Berman, executive managing director and head of Stroz Friedberg in the UK.

Scott Peeler, Managing Director and leader of the Compliance Navigation service offering at Stroz Friedberg, who designed the application, said: “Navigator puts that complexity in the background where it belongs, removing barriers that all too often keep employees from reviewing and using compliance resources at the critical moment when their failure to do so can be so devastating. It really puts compliance in the palm of your hands.”

“Aon’s success is based on an unwavering commitment to integrity, ethics, honesty, and tight adherence to the regulations around the world that govern our practices,” said Jon Shapiro, Senior Director of Corporate Compliance at Aon. “Navigator is one of the best compliance applications I’ve seen and a real game-changer. With our expansive global footprint, delivering timely and relevant compliance information to our colleagues with such an interactive and easy-to-use application is a must-have for Aon. We couldn’t be more excited about this product.”

Navigator works on employees’ desktops and mobile devices to encompass all work environments and will be tailored to the specific needs of each organisation and its employees, to provide real-time answers to questions about relevant policies.  Navigator automates the approval process, giving employees direct and efficient answers to their compliance requests and simplifying the process for compliance professionals.  Harnessing Stroz Friedberg’s established data warehousing capabilities, Navigator provides each customer with a secure database of enterprise-wide compliance activity. The procured data allows compliance and risk professionals to make key data-driven decisions, across areas such as training and internal audit, while offering efficiencies for annual compliance audits and subpoena compliance and regulatory inquiries.