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New app from Merseyside firm

Merseyside law firm Canter Levin & Berg has launched a workflow-led app designed to assist individuals involved in road traffic accidents. First Call is available (free of charge) via iTunes for use with the iPhone and iPad. The app provides a complete accident recording and claim logging system, intended for use at the scene of an accident to capture precise details.

The app uses a simple workflow system to guide users through the necessary details that need to be recorded. It does not rely on data being typed in; instead using voice prompts and the recording of the user's replies to ensure optimum accuracy. In addition First Call features GPS tracking to accurately determine driver locations and enables images of the scene to be taken with the hardware's built-in camera.

Using Web Services, First Call automatically transfers relevant claim details to Canter Levin & Berg's Proclaim (developed and provided by Eclipse Legal Systems) case management system, in use by the firm's 200 staff. From here, claims handlers can liaise with accident victims to manage ongoing progress and ensure as swift a resolution as possible. Claim progress can be followed by the accident victim using the app's integrated tracking system, again using Web Services to enable seamless transfer of historical details from the core Proclaim system.

James Whelan, Operations Manager at Canter Levin & Berg, said “First Call is unique in the way that it gathers information – it relies upon voice workflow to capture data, rather than needing an (often shaken) accident victim to key in details. Integration with our Proclaim case management system is seamless, and the aApp provides what I consider to be a true and unbroken pathway between 'legal event' (the accident) and 'legal solution' (the claimant solicitor).”