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New appointments at LexisNexis

LexisNexis this morning announced two new senior appointments to its Practice & Productivity Management business (aka the old Axxia & Visualfiles businesses). Peter Dye joins LexisNexis as Commercial Director, Corporate and Public Sector, and Bob Hadingham takes on the role of Commercial Director, Large Law.
“Following the acquisition and integration of Visualfiles and Axxia, these new appointments form part of a single, unified LexisNexis business that is positioned as a premium provider of integrated case, matter and practice management solutions to each of its identified market segments and sectors.
“As Commercial Directors, both Peter Dye and Bob Hadingham are responsible for product line strategy, product planning and roadmap development, and financial management of the business in their respective market segments. They will both report directly to Tim Cheadle, General Manager, LexisNexis Practice & Productivity Management business.
“Peter Dye brings with him over 20 years experience in the IT/software industry. Prior to this, Peter was Director of Product Management with CA Inc. and European Solution Strategist at Concord Communications Inc. for nine years. In these customer-focussed roles, he was responsible for communication with customers from inception through to product delivery and ongoing relationship management.  
“Bob Hadingham was previously Technology Champion at LexisNexis, where he worked closely with clients to drive the design and creation of applications to meet their needs. Of the 26 years he has been working in the IT industry, 18 years have been in the legal sector. He has been associated with Axxia since 1995, when he participated in the management buy-out that spun Axxia Systems from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). At the time, he became Support Director for the business and subsequently Development Director.
“Cheadle commented, “As part of the senior team, Peter and Bob will play a crucial role in ensuring our business is closely aligned with the needs of our target market segments and delivers the product options, services and enhanced support to fulfil customers’ individual requirements. We are delighted they are on board and wish them the best in their new roles.”

Note: despite the similarity in names, the LexisNexis Peter Dye should not be confused with long-time Quill Computer Systems' director Peter Dye.

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They have also just lost Aamir Yousuf (Head of Development) to IRIS.

Do you have any evidence to back that up, this is news to me my understanding is he is still the head of development for LexisNexis UK Practice and Productivity (Axxia & Visualfiles). Interestingly I hear they have new head of Professional service – Matt Gegg and new head of Sales – Bryan Roberts (formally work at Aderant)

We reported Bryan Robert's appointment at LexisNexis back in the December 2008 edition of the Insider. We're waiting for clarification on Aamir Yousuf role however we are hearing reports from another news agency that “unconfirmed talk of 'restructures' and senior executive level redundancies at leading practice management (and legal publishing) vendor hit the streets today in London. Watch this space for when the marketing teams put their spin on it.”

If you have not heard about him leaving and you work for LexisNexis doesnt that just typify the problems these big players are having.
I can assure you that is true.

It is true but a 'big player'? Someone who managed to make redundant many a valuable resource but brought little in which is worrying for the company long term.
Good luck to Iris employees

JV from TE is still on the board, according to the website, but I'm trying to get clarification.

Possible that more from Elite have gone in addition to JV in London including US based GM Dan Tacone who (rumor has it) has been moved horizontally out (“promoted”) into a corp position at Thomson Reuters. Enterprise and 3e development team based down in NZ was also apparently chopped completely at the start of the year. Anyone heard anything on this?

Dan Tacone's move is not rumour (not rumor) and was announced a number of weeks ago. JV has gone I am told, as are a number of others. All the same as stories on here in recent times about Axxia/Visualfiles/IRIS, etc. And same as stories on RoF about many law firms. Hardly “news”.

A contact who was out drinking with an Elitee yesterday evening reports that JV was still thought to be on board then. As for Dan Tacone, he was still on the Elite stand at LegalTech last week
As for rumour/rumor – this is an international site – 55% of our readership are non-UK – so either spelling is jake by me.

Thankfully you don't need senior executives to get clients live (shock horror). Hats off to all the quiet “non-sales” achievers who continue to actually do the real work while all this goes on.

This is problem with LexisNexis/Iris they bring in these big corporate managers who have no clue about the business. They come in make alot noise get a rid of alot people and try to outsource some of development work. Then tell the senior managers we have saved you alot of money but what forget to mention is in the process of redundancies they have lost alot knowledge, experienced people.
Good luck to Iris development team they will certainly need it, expect alot of redundancies and outsource development to India it’s one of Mr Yousuf expertise.

Rumour has it that JV has gone, and is taking up a strategic position at a VC owned legal supplier with a number of other ex-Elite staff. Good luck to him though I'm not sure how this influx of ex-Elite people is being received by the existing staff?

A VC owned supplier? That narrows the field down a bit. And puts some interesting personality issues into the frame.

This seems to be alot of noise about one short-lived employee leaving Lexisnexis (wasn't he only there a year). Hope he lasts longer at Iris as his CV won't look too good. Of more interest is the news of JV leaving Elite. Here you are talking about long-standing person who has been successful – so when people like this move on there's usually something wrong.

I heard a rumour that Lexis had closed the Scotland office. Does anyone know if this is true?

The Bellshill office has been closed with staff working, when not at clients' sites, from home or out of LN's offices in Edinburgh. Basically in the last two and half years VF Scotland has gone from 10, many of whom were there right from the start, to 3 and an office was an unnecessary luxury as I understand it.

What does this tell us about their comittment to Scottish clients?

Peter Dye. Where is he now? I think we should be told Mr Cheadles.

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