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New channel strategy for NLIS on the way

Land Data, the NLIS regulator, has today announced a new channel strategy for NLIS (the National Land Information Service), which includes a new license option allowing businesses to operate as a licensed provider of NLIS data. The new channel strategy has been devised to make NLIS more accessible, cost effective and ultimately more competitive.
Over the next 3 months, Land Data will brief companies on a new channel licensing option, enabling them to operate as an electronic conveyancing search distribution service. Under the terms of the new license agreement, the channels will handle authoritative searches from official data providers including all Local Authorities in England and Wales. The information is distributed to the licensed channels by the NLIS hub.
Land Data CEO Jan Boothroyd commented “The property searches market is changing, the market now demands more cost effective propositions from a reliable and secure source. Taking on new channels is fundamental to our strategy for NLIS and is key to our primary objective to make official land and property search information accessible to all.”
The new channel roles will take effect in October 2009.