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New Cloud Computing guide – or why not every cloud has a silver lining

Here's a handy little 10-step 101 guide (see attached PDF) to cloud computing prepared by Arlene Adams and the Peppermint Technology team. The subtext of the guide is that cloud may be a useful solution in some situations but not every cloud has its silver lining and you could find your data lost in the datacentre from hell.

The 10 points covered in the guide are…

1. Make sure you are clear about the terms being used

2. Understand in detail the company you are contracting with

3. Understand the ownership structure and tier of the datacentre

4. Understand your risk exposure to data security

5. Qualify who owns the infrastructure and what they can do with it

6. Review in detail the technical infrastructure

7. Review in detail the process of what happens if things go wrong

8. Don't focus purely on contractual SLAs

9. Beware of consultants (
we like that one ..CC)

10. Enjoy the benefits