Any law firms thinking about consistent IT delivery, business continuity and DR could well be considering a move to managed/hosted IT services. If they are, they should get hold of a copy of a new guidance paper outlining the why, what and how of making a successful switch.

Buying hosted IT has been put together by law firm management and IT consultant Bill Kirby, who sought a cross-section of industry and end-user opinion as well as drawing on his own experience of procuring and managing such projects.

The paper kicks off with an extensive list of reasons why a firm might consider this type of outsourcing; it then reflects on the strengths required from vendors and the qualities a prospective buyer should be looking for; it continues with detailed, practical advice on contractual and commercial issues before concluding with a legal IT insider’s view of the implementation and operational phases, and the various pitfalls to be avoided.

A free copy can be requested by emailing