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New guide to Legal Services Act

Well-known legal journalist Neil Rose (he served many years on the Goodship Law Soc Gazette) has launched Legal Futures, a website for lawyers trying to cope with the massive changes hitting the legal market – see
The site, which is free to users, covers issues of conduct, compliance and competence for lawyers within the wider context of the Legal Services Act and especially alternative business structures. It aims to be the definitive guide to the legal services revolution, bringing together all the vital information together in one place. In its first week, Legal Futures has already broken several stories, such as the Legal Services Consumer Panel chairwoman’s call for competence testing for lawyers and Conservative plans to push ahead with consolidating all client accounts in one bank if elected. The Solicitors Regulation Authority is also providing a weekly Question of Ethics for the site.
Legal services guru Professor Richard Susskind said: “Legal Futures is a great name for a great concept. At a time of unprecedented change in the legal profession, this website promises to be the definitive first port of call for lawyers and others who are trying to keep pace with new developments in legal practice, flowing largely from the implementation of the Legal Services Act 2007. The site covers regulation, compliance, working practice, and much more.
“Its originator, Neil Rose, has a formidable track record: he is a highly experienced journalist whose past commentary on trends in the legal profession have been widely respected. In launching Legal Futures, he combines his insight with an accessible style of communicating, both in his reporting and his blogging. The opportunity for subscribers also to blog is important – this should help create a dynamic community of interest. The intention to embrace other technologies – from podcasting to social networking – is also promising. In all, then, this is precisely the kind of facility that a modern legal profession should have at its fingertips.”
The site is supported by Associates, including leading banks, PII insurers, law firms, LPO providers, PR companies and others. You will find them listed in the Services Directory. You can also sign up to a free weekly newsletter on the site.