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New Guru Guide – all you want to know about IT support issues – it was Word that done it!

Intelliteach has published the 2nd edition of the legal service desk Guru Guide report aggregating independent law firm user support and service desk statistics and metrics. The updated guide provides unique benchmark data relating to the most supported legal applications as well as service desk staffing and service quality ratios pre and post software conversions, among others. The guide is based on 1.2 million service desk tickets collected and analyzed from January 2010 through June 2011 across a variety of law firm sizes, locations and hardware/software configurations.

2nd edition Guru Guide findings include:
• Top ticket categories: Over 43% of 1.2 million service desk tickets logged are specific to various versions of Microsoft Office, 20% of those are specific to Microsoft Outlook. 14% of all helpdesk calls, pertained to various firm document management systems;
• Increase in Microsoft Office 2007 tickets: Microsoft Office 2007 calls currently account for 51% of all Microsoft Office calls, compared to 22% for the same period 12 months earlier;
• Conversions cause a significant increase in volume and add additional strain to existing resources, systems, and service quality. Based on Guru data, ticket volumes increased by 42% during firm-wide upgrades (average tickets per user per month increased from 2 to 2.85 during rollouts) and took an average of 90 days to return to pre-conversion levels;
• Live rates: Pre-conversion, the overall live rate (service desk’s ability to respond to user support requests within 20 seconds) is 93%. If staffing is kept the same during conversions, live rates drop by 25%. On a related note, “average wait time in the queue” jumps from 10 seconds to 81 seconds;
• Tickets by origin: How are users reaching out to the service desk? 70% used the phone and 27% sent an email describing their technology issues however it seems email is far less efficient for both the user and the service desk: 78% of live (phoned-in) service desk tickets are resolved in that first contact whereas only 11% of email tickets can be resolved in one single contact. Data indicates that, on average, tickets created via Email have a lifespan 6 times longer than those originated by telephone;
• Tickets by weekday: Based on 1.2 million analyzed tickets, Tuesday sees the highest call volume (20.52%) and Friday (16.81%) the lowest;

You can download the complete guide by clicking on the attached PDF. Intelliteach has setup a web page dedicated to the guide and related service desk resources and information