Please join us on Wednesday 17 July at 11:00 am Eastern (4pm UK) for an ILTA speaker webinar: Promoting Your ILTA Session Through Social Media (While Growing and Engaging Your Audience)

Congratulations on being selected to speak at ILTA’s annual conference. With all the competition for ILTA attendees’ attention, how can you take advantage of social media to promote your session(s) and better pre-engage your session audience? We’ll discuss that, as well as tips for offering collaboration while you speak, and making sure the post-conference buzz remains strong long after the Vegas dust has settled. With the right social media program, you can make your session stand out, while increasing your personal following among your peers. The ILTA Conference Co-Chairs will host this webinar featuring JoAnna Forshee of; flash case studies by David Hobbie, Charles Christian and Mary Abraham; and a look into the avenues available to you within the ILTA Connected Community to promote and add value to your session.

Mary Abraham  |  Above and Beyond KM  |  @VMaryAbraham
Charles Christian  |  Legal IT Insider  |  @ChristianUncut
David Hobbie  |  Goodwin Procter  |  @KMHobbie

We will be covering the following, as well as answering questions:
·         Utilizing Social Media to Promote Yourself at the ILTA Conference
·         Introducing the various social media channels
·         Get involved in the conversation
·         Utilizing Social Media to Boost Your Session “Promote & Engage”
·         Follow the buzz about your session
·         Tips and tools to streamline this process

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