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New infographic: Who’s afraid of Generation Y – maybe you should be?

6 replies on “New infographic: Who’s afraid of Generation Y – maybe you should be?”

Works in Chrome but in IE 8 the image stops just below “Who are Gen Y?”

CC replies… It works on Chrome, Firefox & Safari – IE 8.0 now has an 18% & falling share of the browser base however we’ll get our techies to look at this issue. In the meantime we can email out the graphic to anyone who wants it.

We’ve reloaded the graphic file – hopefully it works now. Ah, life was so much simpler when the only browser to worry about was Netscape! …CC

Our techie reports… On further research, some browsers (IE & certain versions of FF) can upload the image as a base64 string when you use the WordPress drag and drop upload. IE 8 has an issue with defining a height of base64 encoded images which resulted in the image looking cropped in IE8.

Interestingly Charles, certain on-line retailers are now charging an admin fee to users who shop using older versions of Internet Explorer such as Kogan who put on a 6.8% surcharge rising by 0.1% each month (For IE7).

This is to cover the costs of the extra work needed to keep the sites working in older browsers.

It’s a weird situation because if you are still running XP – and a lot of people in this market still are, you don’t have much choice when it comes to updating your browser. And then there are the likes of me with a whole range of browser options available – except Internet Explorer! Bit of a cheek tho as retailers should accept it as one of the costs of doing business – ditto companies that charge extra when you pay be credit card.

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