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New Insider readers poll asks those awkward recession questions

So, the recession is here – or at least its in the lobby hanging up its dirty raincoat – but what impact will this have on IT purchasing decisions?

This month Legal Technology Insider's Readers' Poll is back with a series of questions that both law firms and vendors (whether UK, European, American or Asia-Pacific-based) can respond to. We want to check out some of the reports, myths and urban legends surrounding the downturn in IT procurement over the past few weeks.

For example, are organisations really putting their IT plans on hold or even cutting back? And what is the true motivation behind this: concerns about the future – or concern that it doesn’t look good to be investing in IT at a time when you may have to lay off staff?

Visit our site and follow the Latest Readers Poll link in the top menu bar. As ever, all responses are strictly anonymous – and we’ll publish the results next month.

7 replies on “New Insider readers poll asks those awkward recession questions”

“or at least its in the lobby hanging up its dirty raincoat”
Can't believe that Charles doesn't know where to put apostrophes 😉

Give us a break. I posted that story so early this morning that it took me all my time to remember how to spell the word recession !
Altho (deliberate abbreviation) it appears the recession has not hit every sector – word is the price of a table for next January's Legal Technology Awards has gone up to £4500 per table. Anyone care to bet how much the discount price they'll be offering them for in mid-January?

I spoke to a marketing manager a couple of months ago who was planning to ask the board for a six-figure sum to invest in a new CRM system. Firms current turnover is circa 6M.
I just laughed and wished him luck.
The implications for vendors largely depend upon where they are in their cycle.
If they are mostly installed, their support base should remain solid even if there are possibly some slight licence number reductions: they can tick-over.
If they are punting a new product, and therefore reliant on new business right now to recoup development costs; they are in deepest doo-doo.
I cannot see any reasonable IT director asking for significant funds for new systems right now. It would undermine credibility to ask; it would be impolitic of a board to acquiesce in the current climate, especially whilst signing off P45s elsewhere in the firm.
Everybody will be on 'make-do and mend' for the next twelve months.

Last year’s event was very poorly managed and I can think of better ways to spend it!! They may well really struggle this year as it has the ‘smell’ of the last year of the Barbican Exhibition about it!!!

I suspect that we're all under the illusion that the average law firm partner has some longer term strategy about them, rather than 'grab what you can this year'.
Whilst IT budgets (or any other 'support' expenses for projects) are still centralised overhead and not allocated directly, then 'Pet Project' items will still get funded as long as the rest of the Partnership shares the burden.
Certain Partners will still travel First Class, even while they send memo's about how green they are…
and they will spend money while the Partnership shares the burden.
That will, perhaps, see us through…
However the lowering of PEP in the forthcoming year is focusing minds …
In truth, most law firm Partners only look a year ahead at best. They do not understand or care about investment in the longer term (and why should they, when a third of them are looking to retire in the next 5 years?).
The supplier community should really focus at providing services and software on a basis Partners can grasp – year-on-year, as a service rather than an 'investment'.
It's the only thing they understand…

I bid £12 for a table … but that's split …
£4 for a table of 12 people
£4 to a charity of my choice
£4 to the sponsors, who will probably be seeking charitable status afterwards
£4 to the Irish host (whoever it is this year)
£4 to the Irish Hosts Home for the Bewildered
-£8 to reduce the cost of the drinks I have to pay for

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