No-code document automation-as-a-service platform Kim has formally unveiled the Kim Addin Accelerator, which makes self-serve forms available in Microsoft Teams, Word, Outlook and other enterprise tools “in minutes.”

The latest in a series of product releases from Kim’s strategic R&D programme (Project InsideOut), documents that you can self-serve in Teams include everything from a NDA to an expense form to a travel form.

Giving a demonstration of the new capability, Kim director Karl Chapman says: “Today (20 October) we are announcing that you can in minutes effectively self-serve any document that your organisation wants to self-serve by configuring once in Kim and will be available in Microsoft Teams and indeed of the tools.

“Let’s assume we wanted to create a one-way NDA. What would you do? Well the configuration that has been established in Kim automatically posts it through into Microsoft Teams. The request wizard asks for the appropriate information that is going to drive the automation of the document and whether you are eg a salesperson or a finance person – whoever it happens to be that wants the NDA. The legal function has control of the template in the back office and all the user needs to do is add the appropriate information.”

Once that request form is complete, all you have to do is submit the request which will generate a preview of the document based on the template. Once the document has been previewed you can email it out of Teams. It means, potentially, that documents can be created and agreed within a meeting in Teams.

You can watch that video demo here

In one code base and data model Kim combines (i) intake and allocation management, (ii) self-service, (iii) case management, (iv) document automation (including playbooks and clause libraries – see (v) workflow and process automation, (vi) search, output mapping and dashboards, (vii) repository and (viii) a powerful REST API integration layer.

Karl Chapman was previously CEO of Riverview Law, which was acquired by EY in August 2018. Riverview’s technology platform, Kim was not part of the sale.

Kim was launched in September 2013 and its first generally available product was released in May 2016. October saw the release of Kim 10.3.