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New Litéra webinar – why IDS is the missing link

Whether you’re part of a legal team or any other group of knowledge workers, Litéra IDS (Intelligent Document System) will revolutionize the way you collaborate. Within Litéra IDS multiple users can share input on a single live document and all changes and reviewer activities are retained. Users no longer have to review multiple redlined versions of shared input to create one, truly comprehensive document. Litéra IDS is the missing link—a patented solution that enables office productivity tools such as MS Word, PowerPoint and Google Docs to support true collaboration.

Litéra IDS provides team members with true simultaneous document collaboration among unlimited users, each with the ability to send to another for additional input. No other software allows this limitless concurrent collaboration. Litéra IDS ensures that the output of any critical, high-value process is delivered at the quality, speed, and security required.

Click on the link below to reserve your virtual seat at an exclusive webinar with Litéra vice president Norm Thomas to discover how Litéra’s game-changing technology will help you and your team collaborate on documents and presentations far more effectively.