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New Litigation Support Systems Guide

In February Allvision Computing in conjunction with the Legal IT Insider website will be launching a free Buyer’s Guide to Litigation Support Systems. The Guide aims to combine practical advice on selecting litigation support services and software, with the most definitive collection of vendor and software information in the UK. In fact, at present, it would be the only collection of vendor and software information in the UK. The Guide will be produced on an annual basis each February, enabling all the latest developments from LegalTech New York to be incorporated into it.

Inclusion in the Guide is free and open to all relevant organisations. All we ask is that you complete the attached form and supply us with the requested information about your company and its services and software. The information you provide will be added to the guide without any attempt to rank companies or favour one application over the other, though we do reserve the right to trim any 14 page opus down to roughly a page.

Once published, the Guide will be available as a download from the Legal IT Insider site that currently has some 560,000 page views and 45,000 readers per month. It will also be supplied to everyone who contributed, for use as you see fit.

In order to achieve our deadlines please return the form no later than Friday 01 February 2013. A jet lagged Andrew will start the task of collating your information from Monday 4th onwards. For further details email Andrew Haslam at You can download a version of the survey form as a Word file HERE and as a PDF file HERE