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New Podcast: Case Management & BPM – we talk to FloSuite Legal

Legal Technology Insider’s Charles Christian talks to Barry Bostoff from FloSuite Legal to find out more about the types of workflow solutions the company offers and how well-executed BPM is realising significant time and cost-saving efficiencies for many of their customers. Please click on the link to go through to the podcast launch page…

2 replies on “New Podcast: Case Management & BPM – we talk to FloSuite Legal”

It sounds an awfully lot like Streamline from LexisNexis’ Enterprise Solutions.

Don’t TR realise that firms do not have the money or resources to define and build out complex workflows themselves, particularly when lawyers are required.

How well did Streamline sell after all!

To be fair, LexisNexis Streamline has had a checkered and much-delayed development cycle (especially if you include its Manilla Son-of-Solcase predecessor) so that ain’t helped matters.

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