Time to head towards the Leeds-Bradford Triangle where we have new product launches from two suppliers – Linetime and Eclipse Legal Systems
• Linetime release new CRM system

Given the increased competition in the legal market, the launch of Linetime’s new Client Relationship Management system is well timed and adds a useful extra tool the law firm business development portfolio. The system adds all the functionality you would expect from a modern stand-alone CRM system – but in a package that is affordable and accessible by Linetime’s user firms. The system integrates with Outlook Notifications generated by Linetime’s Collaborate module. In addition, ssing the Linetime Business Intelligence module firms can now also compare and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. For more details email info@linetime.co.uk

• Eclipse Cost Budgetting & Management

Eclipse Legal Systems, has announced new functionality for its Proclaim Case Management solution. New budgeting requirements will be in place for multi-track cases issued after April 2013.  Chief among the requirements is the necessity for practices to accurately track costs against budget, through the life of a case, in order to provide categorised breakdowns of estimated and actual costs.

Eclipse has implemented new budgeting functionality into its Proclaim solution, enabling Proclaim users to budget and manage costs in line with these new legislative requirements.  Seamlessly integrated with all existing Proclaim functionality, the Costs Budgeting and Management system will provide for:

• Ongoing alerts and colour-coding for each element of the budget

• A quick-view screen presenting all relevant costs information ‘at-a-glance’ for fee earners and management

• Reporting and analysis across all budget categories on an individual case or global basis


Note: at the time of writing, next week’s Legal IT Insider newsletter is already looking pretty crowded so rather than risk there being no space for these two stories, we are running them now.