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New Product Launches – from Recommind + BigHand

Two big new product launches to mention today – from Recommind in the ediscovery sector and BigHand in the voice technology field…

Two big new product launches to mention today – from Recommind in the ediscovery sector and BigHand in the voice technology field…

• Recommind today released Axcelerate 5, the next generation of its cloud-based eDiscovery platform. The result of a two-year development effort in close collaboration with practitioners, customers and thought leaders, Axcelerate 5 provides a completely redesigned interface, new analytics, visualization tools and streamlined automation. These new features dramatically simplify the eDiscovery workflow while enhancing the usability of Recommind’s pioneering Predictive Coding for review prioritization and data analytics. The result is an industry-changing combination of power and simplicity.

Axcelerate 5 sets a new standard for review efficiency and early insight, helping users find the key facts that will make or break their case faster and more reliably.   The resulting workflows are intuitive and flexible so that users can take control of their data with confidence right from the outset, informing their legal strategy for better outcomes on cases large and small.

“Recommind has done a great job with Axcelerate 5,” said Florinda Baldridge, Global Director of Practice Support at Norton Rose Fulbright. “I am particularly impressed by the user-friendly design and outstanding visualization. Axcelerate 5 also offers sophisticated workflow tools that will greatly increase project management and document review productivity.”

Axcelerate 5 contains more than 300 enhancements and new features including:

Consumer Grade User Experience
Leveraging the same technologies used in leading web applications, the new HTML5 interface has been redesigned from the ground up with a focus on maximum ease of use.  It features intuitive controls and advanced visualization for a better user experience.

Communication Analysis
With the newly enhanced Hypergraph, attorneys can uncover hidden connections and useful patterns that emerge from communication streams. A visual representation of the interrelationships among custodians and other entities provides valuable insights to validate collection choices, identify risks and guide review workflows for faster and more accurate results.

Next-Generation Viewer
The document viewer is a major step forward for eDiscovery productivity. It is browser-agnostic, has no plugins to install and works from any computer.  New rendering technology ensures a near-native experience with even the most complex and detailed documents.

Intelligent Redaction
Axcelerate 5 lets users redact-on-the-fly right in the near-native view, avoiding the need to wait and pay for  unnecessary conversions to TIFF. Axcelerate can also redact full pages, perform negative redactions, redact search terms and even use analytics to find personally identifiable information (PII) and redact it for users instantly.

End-of-Branch Email Analysis
Built-in email thread suppression helps users dramatically reduce their review volumes, with no external processing required. Using sophisticated analytics, Axcelerate 5 reliably identifies email threads and elegantly displays the branches, so users can confidently focus on just the most inclusive communications.

Interactive Review Dashboards
The Predictive Coding Dashboard maps the review journey, shows progress at every stage and helps predict costs and timelines. For matters of all sizes, it’s now easier than ever for users to review only what they truly need to, and to confidently know when the review is complete.


j608_bighandwebbanner_03_745• BigHand today launched its mobile iPad application – BigHand Go – which is set to enable users to speed up the efficiency of digital dictations and allow more to be done whilst on the go, ultimately leveraging advanced workflow and profiling features anytime, anywhere.

BigHand Go, which is the first digital dictation application developed specifically for the iPad and is the most advanced dictation tool on the market, is designed to increase mobility for professionals that use the BigHand system, with particular specialism in the legal and healthcare markets. The app allows users to record, track and edit dictations whilst synchronising their online and offline work and enabling them to view live updates, allowing total workflow visibility whilst on the go.
BigHand Go reduces the time required to approve and sign off documents when working remotely.

Andy Fielder, Technology Director at BigHand commented, “With professionals increasingly working out of the office, we developed this app to allow content created on the go to be actioned and finalized on the go.”

Additional features include the ability to attach photos and ‘advance profiling’, which enables previous entries to be selected from a drop down list for ease.

Andy Fielder continues, “This app delivers a great step forward for mobile workers, enabling them to complete far more of their tasks without having to wait. Users are able to send feedback, make edits or approve documents on the go which will mean improved efficiency and significant time savings, all with a few taps of a button.”

With mobile working becoming the standard for many professionals and their organsations as they strive to become more efficient and productive, BigHand Go enhances BigHand’s existing mobile solution, which enables digital dictation to be used on a variety of mobile platforms, including Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

BigHand Go is a comprehensible and trustworthy application where all dictations are saved as a draft until sent, allowing documents to be retrieved in the case of a power loss to the device, for example. The app, which supports most text formats, also displays a convenient profiling option allowing the user to choose the type of document they are sending, whether that is a fax, a letter or memo and also remembers these preferences for ease of use.

The Insider carried a preview of BigHand Go on 30th October 2013