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New Product Round-up

Time for another round-up of new products from around the legal IT world from Zylpha + ABBYY + SearchFlow + Nikec Solutions + Linetime…

Time for another round-up of new products from around the legal IT world from Zylpha + ABBYY + SearchFlow + Nikec Solutions + Linetime

• Zylpha ( has announced a new version of its Court and Document Bundling system. The move reflects the significant acceleration in demand, from both legal practices and local authority lawyers for Zylpha’s secure bundling technology, which delivers significant efficiencies across the enterprise. Amongst the major new features now incorporated are two important integrations. The first of these is for SharePoint, which is rapidly establishing itself as a significant document depository in the legal marketplace. The other is for HP Worksite, the document management system of choice for many of the UK’s top 200 law firms. This new functionality reinforces Zylpha successful targeting of this marketplace and allows current Zylpha clients to achieve enhanced functionality from their existing Zylpha and HP Worksite investments.

• ABBYY ( has launched its Digital Mailroom Solution to accelerate document processing and boost efficiency for business. The Digital Mailroom solution, which is underpinned by intelligent data capture, enables incoming mail to be digitised and documents to be automatically classified and distributed throughout the whole organisation. In particular, the multi-channel mailroom format accelerates the whole process, so that information can arrive to its destination in a multitude of formats, including physical post or email so that they can be searched for and edited as needed. One firm that is already successfully using the ABBYY FlexiCapture solution and seeing benefits is Moore Blatch. The company, which provides services in the areas of corporate, commercial, property, dispute resolution and private client consultation, is using the solution to help manage the ever-increasing amount of documents flowing into and out of the organisation to help boost the team’s efficiency.

• SearchFlow has announced the launch of its New Build Service to facilitate quicker conveyancing for new build properties and developments. Conveyancing for new builds can often be complicated where plots of land are not yet mapped nor postcodes allocated. With annual housing starts up 23% in 2013 compared with the year before and schemes such as Help To Buy increasing consumers’ confidence, new builds are likely to be a focus for developers throughout 2014. SearchFlow’s expertise in New Build search orders stems from experience fulfilling the NHBC New Build Home Information Pack orders, enabling all the major developers to proceed quickly to marketing their properties. The New Build service is available to property professionals in both residential and commercial markets, from a single plot to large developments. A specialist team at SearchFlow manages the various new build stages including mapping, address validation and the relevant property searches. Clients can track the status of their New Build search orders service using SearchFlow’s online Portfolio Monitor, as well as being kept up to date with results via email.

Perran Moon, Marketing Director of SearchFlow comments: “New builds have historically caused headaches for conveyancers, with mapping and postcode issues being unresolved and often delaying transactions. It’s the right time for us to launch this new support platform so that legal property professionals are better able to manage their workflow, enabling them to meet increased demand for new build conveyancing.”

Information required to be provided for the New Builds service is:
• Company and contact name, contact details/email and phone number
• Client reference and property address, developers name, development name
• Eastings and Northings (if known)
• Plot or developers plan (floor plans are not acceptable)
• Search Types required
For more details please contact:


• Nikec Solutions ( has unveiled its latest new product TrustView – a visual messaging intelligence tool that analyses emails traffic in real time. It provides a firm wide graphical communications map (or social analytics graph) that uncovers key business relationships and associations to enhance client retention and business development. Nikec highlight three potential applications for the new software

(1) When fee earners leave, they often take their valuable knowledge and contacts with them. Although the handover process is designed to capture this, it is time consuming, often biased and may not paint a complete and accurate picture.  TrustView allows management teams to identify the most important contacts and the strength of their relationship with an employee without breaching any privacy clauses. Management can then take measures to ensure that these contacts are handed over to the new employee so that these relationships can be maintained.

(2) Almost all departments from marketing and business development to IT have interactions with a client.  What is the pattern of the relationships? Is the communication one way or mutual? Is there a need to review processes to enhance inter-departmental communications? TrustView monitors the email correspondences across the entire firm and looks at the frequency and patterns of these relationships – who is being contacted, when and how often? This highlights the clients that require more attention and those who are lacking it.  It helps tailor communications, anticipate requests, and build mid-to-long term communication campaigns.  It also provides an insight into other employees in the firm that are in contact with the client to determine if these relationships can be leveraged.

(3) With the substantial number of emails channelling through a firm each day, how do you monitor communications to ensure there are no conflicts of interest? That intellectual property is not unlawfully shared or that staff are adhering to the messaging policy?  By viewing the messaging history within a user’s network, management teams can identify traffic that is of concern and take immediate measures to remediate this.  TrustView not only empowers firms to proactively protect their reputation by mitigating such risks.  It also enhances their duty of care to clients by ensuring sensitive information is safeguarded.

“TrustView is strongly aligned to Nikec’s goal of providing professional services firms with solutions to enhance business efficiency”, commented Damian Jeal, VP Global Sales, Nikec Solutions. “It provides access to intelligence from a source that is poorly or never used.  Overall TrustView helps improve the workflow and safeguard productivity and ultimately a firm’s bottom line.”

• Linetime ( has added Group Claims, Court Budgeting and Settlement Calculation functionality to its Liberate case and practice managememt system. The system is built with the capability to handle claims with hundreds (or even thousands) of claimants and the otherwise labour intensive administration required to process them. There is  flexible support for court budgeting and other aspects of the Jackson reforms along with a settlement calculator to assist with settlement negotiations.

The group claims system supports sub groups, casual groups and individual cases. It provides a highly visible and automated financial summary of recoverable and non-recoverable transactions. Once Group Litigation Orders have been defined by the courts the system provides strict governance and control of those groups. The system assists with the production of budget and cost submissions including Precedent H. There is also the option to render the entire case history into PDF format including a ledger summary and detailed time records against each historic item.

The Liberate business intelligence portal can monitor instances where matter budgets or tolerances have been exceeded. Lists of matters over budget sorted by value are displayed with the ability to drill down to investigate any stage or phase of a budget that has over run or looks likely to do so.

To assist with the settlement negotiations the system provides an easy to use but sophisticated settlement calculator. The calculator shows the impact of any manipulation of any financial component, in real time, as negotiations take place – essential when dealing with offers and counter offers. The system caters for the inclusion of success fees and can apply a percentage uplift for the period a file was client funded. Counsel fees, cost draftsmen fees and previous solicitor’s costs can also be managed and considered as part of this process. A record of all negotiations and illustrations can be held in PDF form within the case history.