This is a revised version of the chart – the figures supplied in the earlier version were incorrect – we’ve also totalled them for you.

We’ve just been sent a copy of a new MarketView report by the US legal IT consultancy Hyperion Global Partners on the state of the legal document management systems market. The report splits the DMS market into three categories: Traditional Product Vendors – SharePoint Based Product Vendors – Cloud Based Product Vendors before focusing attention on just five vendors (Epona on 47/80 – HP Autonomy iManage on 57/80 – NetDocuments on 65/80 – OpenText eDocs on 60/80 – Worldox on 57/80) who make it into their Advanced Vendors Category. The report is buried in caveats about confidentiality – not surprising as the report costs $3750 a copy – however the graphic gives a flavour of its contents. You can find out more information from