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New sales director at IRIS

There have been rumours going around for the last couple of days about the appointment of a new sales director at IRIS Legal…

Re: Re: Re: Re: Another firm drops AIM Evolution
on Fri 29 May 2009 16:24 BST  
Iris now have a new Legal Division Sales Director – Greg Adams from Borland Software

We now have some more details, courtesy LinkedIn – see attached PDF.

6 replies on “New sales director at IRIS”

I don't suppose it occured to them to send a press release or note to customers about this. Where does it leave people like Chris Rose (thought he was Sales Director?) and other members of the team which have been key contacts for many clients over the years?

Is it significant that the new sales director can't spell Profit?

I don't think that's at the forefront of their mind at the moment. So more changes in the sales force….can only be bad news for customers, good news for competitors.

He's corrected the spelling already – just shows what Iris management spend their time doing – reading Orange Rag!

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