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New social media whitepaper + webinar date from Open Text

Here's a new whitepaper on social media from KM World, including a piece by Debra Louison Lavoy at Open Text. (see attached document).

And, here's details of an ILTA/Open Text webinar that will discuss how law firms and corporate legal departments can utilize the Open Text Email Filing Module to automate and simplify saving emails into Open Text eDOCS DM. Join this webinar and hear more about:
• Tips and Tricks on how to effectively utilitize the Open Text Email Filing Module
• Latest Email Filing release and new enhancements
• Customer case study featuring Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday 25 May at 11:30am to 12:30pm EST. For details click here

or email Melissa Singlak at

4 replies on “New social media whitepaper + webinar date from Open Text”

Really looking forward to this webinar. It will be very interesting to see if OpenText have created an email filing solution that is actually geared up to the huge volumes that lawyers and support staff have to deal with on a daily basis.
Lawyers and legal support staff deal with a disproportionate amount of emails in comparison to other sectors. If the email filing solution is not super-slick the filing process soon becomes a burden and the lawyers will end up doing all they can to avoid it – even if set down as a corporate responsibility.
Without gratuitously trying to plug KnowledgeMill, we are a software specifically dedicated to providing scalable email management solutions – and are heavily focused on the legal sector. We figure if we can create email management solutions that are usable for one of the world's busiest professions then we can certainly crack the problem for other industries.
From a general perspective – an email filing solution for the legal sector must contain the following features at it's core:
1. Dynamically maintain a list of recent matters and favourite matters to make selection of matter an easy task
2. Once an email is filed (e.g. a new email or an email from a client) – all subsequent replies, forwards must be automatically filed – removing the burden on the end user
3. The filing system should automatically suggest where the email should be filed even if a completely new email – ultimately the system should learn patterns of email addresses and content within the emails. This again reduces the filing burden to the end user.
4. The filing process must add value to the end user. This is absolutely key – if there is no benefit to the Lawyer to file the email, even if it's a compliance requirement, it is unlikely to be adopted. There should be benefits – for example the KnowledgeMill solution helps the lawyer fill out their timesheet based on what they have filed to. It also provides analytical intelligence to within the matter which are useful on a daily basis.
5. The filing process must de-duplicate emails so that when the same email is filed by different lawyers on different email servers, there is only one copy displayed. Traditional document management solutions simply don't do this. Lawyers are faced with 1000s of duplicates. Our solution solves this. A single central source of truth for an email.
6. The underlying filing system must be performant. If the process to view the filed emails is slow – then Lawyers will immediately turn off and reject the platform. The UIs need to be as close to Outlook performance as possible.
7. The filing mechanism must NOT lock up Outlook. The lawyer should be able to file 1000s and 1000s of emails in one go. Many email filing solutions lock and hang for huge periods of time – effectively wasting precious working hours. Our background filing mechanism avoids lock-ups. This is absolutely essential.
Anyway, really looking forward to seeing the OpenText capabilities. It's also good to let you guys know that there are alternatives out there beyond the big boys like OpenText and Autonomy.

Sounds like you're describing the Autonomy iManage Email Management integration to me…

Perhaps these are points that Autonomy aspires to deliver? It would be interesting to hear from real lawyers who are using WorkSite and FileSite day to day in relation to the points made above.

Hey Jallch at – I can see many of you guys worked on projects at Clifford Chance but are you really pitching a cloud-based DM & email management system at law firms? And if you are going to mump free publicity off this blog, the least you can do is take out a subscription to the Insider newsletter – its only £145. Go on, you can afford it. …CC

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