IRIS Group chief executive Martin Leuw has issued a statement to legal market users, stressing that the division is successful, generating total revenues of £22.2 million in the year to 30th April 2009, with pre-tax profits of £3 million. He adds that during this period, the legal division attracted 282 new customers for is software, services and forms products and is now investing ‘in excess of 16% of revenues’ in R&D. NB IRIS have now clarified this statement to say that of these 282 new customers, 148 were for Laserforms and the remaining 134 were for case and practice management systems.

On the product front, Leuw admits that 12 months ago there were stability problems with the IRIS Law Business product (ILB – based on the Mountain system) but says these have been resolved and additional functionality is being added to ILB ‘to bridge the gap’ with the IRIS Law Enterprise product (ILE – based on the Videss system). The next developments with ILE – the post 1.9 roadmap – will the disclosed at the ILUA user conference in October.

• Click on the attached files link for a PDF of the full statement.

• In other IRIS Legal news, the company has also acquired the support contracts of AM Systems, who were the reseller for AlphaLaw software in Northern Ireland.