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New Teacher Stern + Nuance case study

The Challenge:

To implement the latest in document capture, workflow and cost recovery solutionTo implement the latest in document capture, workflow and cost recovery solutions

•    further streamline the company’s existing electronic workflow and document capture process, and make scanning and billing easier
•    optimise the efficiency of document capture processes, saving time and improving customer service


•    Nuance Equitrac
•    Nuance eCopy ShareScan
•    eCopy ShareScan Connector for Autonomy iManage Worksite
•    Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office


Batch scanning process is now quicker

Scanned documents are now far better quality

Information retrieval is faster and easier

Audit trail ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines

With almost five decades of servicing clients, Teacher Stern LLP has seen a lot of changes to the legal landscape and in the technology it uses to deliver its legal services. Founded in 1967, the company now has 80 staff based on site in one location, specialising in legal matters relating to M&A, commercial property, dispute resolution, media, IT and sport, amongst other key practice areas.

One change that’s due to sweep through the company, is the refreshment of its current fleet of printers and multifunction devices. New machines will make Imaging solutions from Nuance available to even more members of the team, helping them to appreciate the tangible productivity benefits they deliver for improving document capture, storage and workflow.

Nuance Equitrac

Amid this change, there has been one constant; Nuance Equitrac, the cost recovery solution that Teacher Stern LLP has been using for almost twenty years. The company’s loyalty to Equitrac is explained by Christine Ardis, Teacher Stern’s IT Manager. “Equitrac does what it says on the tin. It is easy to use, and an excellent and very efficient cost recovery tool. Equitrac tracks all photocopying, scanning and printing for reporting and cost recovery purposes, allowing the business to recoup costs from the client. The information we extract from Equitrac really helps the team in accounts with their reports, billing and invoicing.” While Equitrac was initially used for cost recovery on photocopiers, as the company’s scanning and printing requirement increased, so too has the number of devices that Equitrac is deployed on.

Currently, the company has Equitrac on six MFDs, and it will feature on new MFDs that are scheduled to replace the existing units when the fleet is refreshed next month.  Teacher Stern LLP has been so impressed with Equitrac that it plans to assess the Follow You printing option, which will feature on the new devices. To bring the solution right up to date, it’s planning to implement card readers on all devices, too. Equitrac has been so efficient in terms of cost recovery, that Christine is adamant that “…the cost recovery Equitrac has realised, has more than paid for the initial licences.”

Nuance eCopy ShareScan

Complementing Equitrac, are other products from the Nuance Imaging stable. In this case, they are eCopy ShareScan and PDF Pro Office.  The deployment of eCopy ShareScan was driven by a scanning challenge, as Christine explains. “The previous scanners were not capable of coping with the volume of scanning being put through them. In the past, scanning of documents had been problematic. We faced problems with the quality of the OCR, which was very poor.  Often documents had to be reformatted, which was very time consuming. Larger scanned documents also caused problems.  They needed to be split into more than one document for emailing out, due to size restrictions. Additionally, there was no facility to save documents straight into iManage WorkSite. The process was too long, too slow and there was no scan to email or scan to self option which was a hindrance.”

As a result of deploying eCopy ShareScan and using connectors including Microsoft Exchange and iManage Worksite, Christine states that today: “The whole process of scanning and assembling documents is much more fluid. With scanned documents being compressed through eCopy, there is no longer a need to split documents up when attaching to emails. eCopy connectors enable the business to scan straight to email or to Document Management systems or to the desktop if further manipulation is required.” eCopy ShareScan has proved highly popular with the secretarial staff too, and it has come into its own in the post room. The company is scanning between 15,000 and 20,000 documents each month, and has lead Christine to believe that “…with scanning increasing, eCopy is a must have for us.”

Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office

The introduction of eCopy PDF Pro Office has given the company the ability to quickly and easily amend PDF files, while use of features like redaction and the advanced security options ensures the integrity of the final document. While Teacher Stern LLP has found eCopy PDF Pro Office easy to use, its functionality and feature set has not come at a cost. “Overall, eCopy PDF Pro Office worked out far cheaper than rival products, which is some achievement when you consider its functions.” One of the benefits most of the users have praised is the ease with which PDF Pro enables users to scan to Word.

One of the greatest hurdles when implementing new solutions or updating existing ones, comes with change management. The effectiveness of the training process obviously has a considerable bearing on this and how well new solutions are received, and whether they’re used in the intended manner to realise the desired results. Teacher Stern LLP has no complaints regarding the training, with Christine believing it to be “…very easy and straightforward, with no problems or any stumbling blocks with the staff during the training process. This further served to demonstrate the practical benefits of standardising on Nuance’s Imaging solutions at Teacher Stern LLP.”