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New UK group for men in ediscovery

Last month saw the launch of LILIConnect – a networking group for women in the legal IT/information sector – this time we've something for the boyz. UK litigation support and ediscovery veteran Jonathan Maas has just launched Men in eDiscovery (in the US there already in Women in eDiscovery group) – a new networking group for, er, men working in the ediscovery industry. You can find more by either contacting Jonathan on Twitter at @MaasJonathan or visiting the Men in eDiscovery group on LinkedIn. The first meeting will be held in a London pub.

2 replies on “New UK group for men in ediscovery”

Perhaps the time has come for a Hacks in Legal IT group (HackIT ?) – we'd all just sit at home in front our screens, drink and tweet increasingly garbled messages at each other …CC (What's that you say, we do that already.)

Stop press: this group has gone international within its first 24 hours. Intergalactic within 48? Bizarrely, the first application to join was from a woman!

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