Minerva Portal is helping law firms, particularly conveyancing firms, to digitally onboard new clients, dispensing with old fashioned manual processes. It has recently signed three as yet undisclosed UK top 100 law firms. Here is what you need to know.

What is Minerva Portal?

Soft-launched in October 2019, Minerva is a digital client onboarding solution that has been developed in conjunction with a handful of multi-disciplinary law firms across the country. Hosted in Azure, it charges a flat fee per transaction, and takes care of the KYC obligations needed to engage a client, including automating the completion of initial forms.

How does it work?

A quote generator allows you to track quotations through the Minerva platform. It uses digital IT and facial recognition verification: clients click on the ID check and take a photo of themselves on their web cam or on their phone through the app. They provide a picture of the ID (ie passport) and Minerva uses Credas to validate the documents. Forms are sent digitally for completion.

Minerva has an open API that can integrate with your case management system to further streamline the onboarding process.

Who is behind it?

The team behind Law Firm Services including sales director Richard Mathias and operations director Mark Hemmings, who co-founded FWBS, which was bought by Thomson Reuters in 2011. Ben Mills, formerly managing director for BigHand EMEA, is business development director.

What do the team say?

Mills tell us: “It’s amazing the amount of law firms that are still using the post to send out forms and asking people to come in for ID checks in person. It can take weeks to engage a new property client, whereas we can help your clients do it at home with a glass of wine.”

Who are their clients?

Clients involved in the development of Minerva including Birchall Blackburn Law, Franklins Solicitors, and Russell & Russell.

Taylor & Emmet, a multi-disciplinary firm based in Sheffield is also an early adopter. You can watch CEO Steve Hinshelwood, IT director Nigel Hoar, and new business manager Elish Birgul talk about their experience of using Minerva for ID/AML and form filling here: