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New version of e-billing software available

With e-billing now making its way on to the agendas of more and more law firms, you may be interested in this announcement made earlier this week…

eBillingHub has announced availability of its newest version, emphasizing continued expansion of its on demand library of client formats; dramatic improvements in its online dashboards and out of the box reporting functionality; and support for international requirements, such as LEDES 98Bi.

Included immediately in the Hub are three new dashboards providing real-time information as to status of eBills, including average days to pay, billing progress, etc, as well as eleven new ‘out of the box’ reports that give detail on clients, vendors and overall activity. In addition this new release expands eBillingHub’s commitment to LEDES and International capabilities by supporting LEDES 98Bi and VAT calculations. Finally, an additional thirty-four client formats have been added to the eBillingHub’s on-demand library of formats allowing clients to add support for these clients in minutes.

“We continue to increase the value of the eBillingHub to our customers with this release, as we have expanded our domination of this market with our partners, RainMaker Legal and Thomson Elite”, said Greg Coticchia, CEO of the eBillingHub, “This release addresses many of the challenges that financial executives have in truly knowing if they are 100% compliant with delivering electronic bills every month, let have clear and accurate visibility into the process.”

“As electronic billing volume and complexity has grown, law firms have realized that it’s not simply a workload capacity issue, it’s a business process issue,” remarked Brad Blickstein of  The Blickstein Group, a recent member of the LEDES Oversight Committee (LOC) board of directors and  who also drove the formation of the group of the UTBMS Working Group in 2005.