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New webinar dates: Legal Business Process Management

Friday 18th October 2013 at 3 pm BST (10am US Eastern) – duration 45 minutes + Q&A – FREE
Friday 25th October 2013 at 3 pm BST (10am US Eastern)

Legal Business Process Management

The principle end products of any legal transaction are documents. These documents need to incorporate the specifics of the transaction and combine legal precedents; case law; advice from internal fee earners; wishes of external clients and interaction with third parties. Each new client and matter needs to be vetted for internal conflicts, checked for any transactional risks, assessed against the potential for money laundering and integrated into a framework of internal PMS/CRM/DMS and other systems. Sysero Case Transactions (SyseroCTx) offers a new approach to designing and managing legal business processes.

The webinar will have a limited audience and we may need to move attendees to new dates if the session becomes over-booked. To register visit

Adding business logic to documents
Designing Web Forms
Mapping the workflow
Decision driven data collection
Client Matter Inception end-to-end demo