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New webinar on framework for digital IP

IP information management provider First To File will host a free web-based roundtable on Thursday, June 14th at 2-3pm Eastern/11am-12pm Pacific on the topic A Tested Framework for Digital IP.  This webinar will provide a strategic roadmap of guiding principles and success factors to help IP counsel at both corporations and law firms select the best digital solution to suit their needs.

First To File’s CEO James Bergeron will host and moderate the session.  Expert panelists will include Hyperion Research Managing Director/Analyst Ralph Schroeder who will outline proven best practices informed by his advising hundreds of corporations and law firms, and an IT analyst from a major biotech firm who will share recommendations based on first-hand experience with IP document management selection and implementation process.  Bergeron will engage both panelists in exploratory dialogue and will open the floor for questions from attendees.

Key topics to be covered in the webinar include:
1. Guiding principles for design, implementation and management of digital IP systems
2. Critical success factors for vendor selection including key action items
3. Success stories based on real world ROI and productivity gains
4. How to make the best decision based on your organization’s needs
To register for the webinar, visit: