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New webinars & seminars

FWBS Seminars & Webinars
15.02.11 + 09.03.11
FWBS are hosting a series of events over
the coming months, demonstrating how our
software solutions are overcoming some of
the key productivity and efficiency issues
facing law firms today, including areas
around document assembly and production,
email management, access to data, and effective
contact management. These introductory events
will offer a fresh perspective on legal
IT technologies. Whether you are actively
looking to review case and matter management
solutions, or simply as part of your due
diligence processes, these are events not
to be missed.
• Live 45 minute Webinar – Tuesday
15th February 2011 – 10.30am
• Morning Seminar at the Manchester
Conference Centre – Wednesday 9th
March 2011 9.30am-1pm (including carvery
for further info, or to register your interest
LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions
On the Road: Investing in Your Future with
LexisNexis dna

22.02.11 – 04.03.11
We are pleased to invite you to attend one
of our regional briefings taking place during
February and March, hosted at convenient
locations throughout the UK. The briefings
are aimed at firms interested in keeping
up to date on the latest practice and financial
management systems available to them. They
are also an opportunity to discuss the industry
and regulatory challenges currently facing
firms and to participate in open dialogue
with LexisNexis.
Why Attend?
• Understand why so many firms are
moving to dna and how partnering with LexisNexis
is the smart way to secure your future technology
• Find out how we are making considerable
investments in our technology and your future
following our recent announcement with Microsoft
to develop a legal-specific practice and
financial management solution, on Microsoft’s
market leading Dynamics AX platform.
• Hear our customers speak about
their experiences of using dna and how they
are maximizing their investments. Recent
new customers include Carson McDowell, Marriott
Harrison and ipulse.
• Take advantage of our resources
to understand more about dna from a technical,
implementation and support perspective.
Dates/Locations: February 22nd (London)
+ February 23rd (Plymouth) + February 24th
(Liverpool) + February 25th (Edinburgh)
+ March 3rd (Dublin) + March 4th (Belfast)
To register please contact Heidi Cranfield
or call +44 118 960 2627