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New white paper on PDF for archiving standard

DocsCorp has published a new whitepaper on the topic of PDF for Archiving: Everything you need to know in plain, simple English as government and industry bodies worldwide increasingly adopt the standard. This year in the United States will see the Courts move to mandate the filing of case documents with the CM/ECF (Case Management/Electronic Case Files) system in PDF/A.

The PDF/A Competence Center, a non-profit association of more than 110 organizations and individual experts from 20 different countries dedicated to promoting the exchange of information and experience in the area of long-term archiving of documents, describes the standard as follows “PDF/A has been accepted by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) as the standard for the long-term preservation of documents. The standard does not define an archiving strategy or the goals of an archiving system. It identifies a profile for electronic documents that ensures the documents can be reproduced exactly the same way in years to come. A key element to this reproducibility is the requirement for PDF/A documents to be 100% self-contained. All of the information necessary for displaying the document in the same manner every time is embedded in the file.”

The aim of the DocsCorp whitepaper is to explain the reasoning behind the standard and how it is different from a normal PDF with as few acronyms and as little jargon and technical explanation as possible. More specifically, the paper answers these frequently asked questions:

1.     What is PDF/A, and how is it different from a non-PDF/A document?
2.     How do I know if a document is PDF/A compliant?
3.     How do I create a PDF/A document?
4.     Is there a way to make documents PDF/A ready, without actually converting them to PDF/A?
5.     Should I implement these changes to existing PDF workflows?
6.     Should I be converting every document to PDF/A now?

The whitepaper is available for download, please click here