Here's more information on Workshare's new CIO Thoughtshare whitepaper on the Seven Dimensions of Meta Information

“Document production is the life blood of our industry. Yet for all the effort put into creating them, we ignore much of the information about the documents. This ‘Meta information’ some of it created but not all of it made available by Workshare can present some fascinating opportunities in terms of improving efficiencies, reducing risk and remaining competitive in a world of accelerating change. This paper not only presents these opportunities, but poses the question, ‘Is it not just an opportunity but a necessity for law firms to start mining business information and make use of it?’ Workshare is looking for feedback on this paper, either directly or via our Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. If there is an appetite for this subject we will look to hold a round table event in March.”

Here's the link to the blog – – and a copy of the whitepaper is attached.