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Here's a quick round-up of the latest news, including a couple of shorts that came in too late for this week's Insider newsletter…

• Today's hot gossip is that London-based Barlow Lyde & Gilbert (currently running Miles 33 and ProLaw) may be about to change horses and select Elite 3E – rather than Aderant Expert as was previously rumoured – as the firm's new PMS platform. So, has Elite finally moved out of the shadow of its early 3E implementation issues?

• Eclipse Legal Systems say its Proclaim case management software will have 'live propagation' in its forthcoming v3.2 upgrade.

• DocsCorp has entered into a strategic partnership with Ridgian, who specialise in Microsoft SharePoint technologies, including intranet security. You can find out more about Ridgian – the company and its services – here

• Pilgrim Systems' rearranged Edinburgh User Update Day will now take place on Tuesday 19th January 2010. To book please contact Katy Aird at or call 0131 555 9700. The agenda includes a preview of new Lawsoft modules for the following mobile platforms: Windows Mobile – iPhone – Blackberry

• Check out the jobsboard, we had a bundle of new vacancies go up over the weekend – and yes Visualfiles developers are still in demand

• Here's a neat graphic showing web browser user stats and how they have evolved over the past 7 years – the key element these show (and these are for all web users – so it is consumer and business usage) is that the combined market share for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 + 7 + 8 is now less than 40% whereas Firefox has a 47.4% share. So next time some e-commerce outfit tells you their service is optimised for Internet Explorer, ask them why they are backing the loser?

• And finally, if you are still interested in speech recognition, here's a link to a review of the Nuance service for the iPhone – latest reports suggest the US deal is more by way of a pilot that may evolve into a globally-available commercial service for both the iPhone and the Blackberry. Here's on the Orange Rag, we're currently playing with testing the Mac version of Dragon on the desktop and the Vlingo product on a Blackberry.

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Charles, are you sure about the Barlow Lyde Gilbert news? I heard a rumour that Boyes Turner have gone for 3E over Aderant, so maybe you have the wrong Firm?

More web browser data – reported in today's Times, this time from a different source: Internet Explorer (all flavours) 63.3% – Firefox 24.7% – Opera/Safari/Chrome 11% – CC

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