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Nexum Revenuetion launches webinar season

In the run up to its event sponsorship of LawTech Futures in April, revenue optimisation specialist Nexum Software will be running a series of webinars exploring its Revenuetion concept.

The webinars will examine some of the major financial challenges facing law firms, including extended lock-up, growing WIP, rising write-offs, and reduced credit, and set out how nexumRevenuetion is already successfully addressing these for Top 100 law firms.

The audience will gain insight into how a ‘revenuetionary’ balance of technology, process and approach can transform revenue policies, offering potential improvement of up to 40% across key metrics such as cash collection, debtor days, realization and bad debt.

The webinars will also highlight The Lab initiative, a low-cost, tightly controlled ‘proof of concept’ project. Nexum consultants work with a small, cross-functional group of client stakeholders to experiment and reengineer around revenue management and the WIP to cash process; with software, methodology and mindset proven at a micro level, the group then collaborates to roll it out at a macro level.

The next webinar is this Friday (8 February from 11am) and the series runs through until 8th March. Full webinar dates and registration details can be found at