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nFlow claims a first with iPhone workflow integration

nFlow, today announced that it has developed an innovative and cost-effective solution that fully supports enterprise-class digital dictation from iPhone devices.

Users of the iPhone and iPod Touch devices at nFlow’s customer organisations will now be able to send digital dictation recordings to their offices, for integration into their businesses' nFlow Digital Dictation System v5.0 workflow with the click of a button. With the growing popularity of iPhone in business, this solution will further enhance remote working in professional service firms, delivering increased productivity and efficiency gains to organisations. Integration of dictation recordings into DDSs’ workflow is crucial as it gives administrative staff full visibility of the tasks at hand and allows them to take the necessary action to deliver the best possible service to clients.
This solution is claimed to be the first of its kind to be offered in the UK. nFlow say no other UK digital dictation software vendor is able to offer advanced integration of dictations recorded on iPhones into their systems’ workflows. Enterprises using other DDSs on the market are only able to receive dictations from an iPhone as audio files via emails. As a result, there is no facility to capture crucial information such as title of the dictation or urgency of action as guidance for secretarial staff. This diminishes the business benefit of a DDS as a facilitator of efficient remote working.
nFlow has closely worked with iPhone application developer JOTOMI GmbH to develop this solution. JOTOMI has modified its product – JMDictate – a professional recording system, so that it fully integrates with the workflow in nFlow DDS v5.0 to deliver all the benefits of the DDS workflow to customers. For instance, irrespective of the mobile device used for the recordings, administrators and resource managers at nFlow customer organisations can have complete visibility of workloads per client, allowing them to manage and assign tasks based on their level of urgency and importance.
nFlow Sales & Marketing Director, Rob Lancashire, commented, “Similar to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, the iPhone is fast gaining adoption as a business tool. We have developed this solution directly in response to customer demand. We are in talks with a number of organisations who are keen to give their fee-earners the ability to use their iPhone devices for digital dictation, allowing them to maximise their use as a remote working tool for business.
“In today’s web-based and geographically spread business environment, allowing remote working greatly contributes towards increasing staff productivity. We are finding that a key driver for the adoption of digital dictation in the professional services sector, particularly in the current economic climate, is its ability to facilitate effective remote working for fee-earners and administrative staff alike.”
iPhone users at customer organisations wishing to use their devices for digital dictation can very simply and cost-effectively download the professional version of JMDictate from the iTunes App Store for £5.99. Once recorded, by clicking ‘send to workflow’, the dictations are imported into the workflow of nFlow DDS v5.0 via an integration software deployed at their respective businesses.