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Nflow introduce new licensing model to reach those firms DDS previously missed

nFlow, a leading supplier of digital dictation software (DDS) to the UK legal market, today announced the launch of a specially designed licensing option for law firms of all sizes. The new option is designed to assist firms that have identified that they could benefit from a digital dictation solution but do not have the IT budget designated to do a full digital dictation deployment.
Firms can now rent the system over a 3 year period, avoiding an upfront capital expenditure. As well as delivering a method that is more sympathetic to the cash flow of a practice this option also lends itself to more favourable tax treatment than a straight capital purchase. At the end of the period, firms will have the additional option of purchasing nFlow digital dictation outright through one final additional months payment.
nFlow Sales & Marketing Director, Rob Lancashire commented “We've been testing this licensing option for some time now and whilst it has not suited the way everyone would like to buy digital dictation it has provided a very useful option for a number of firms who spotted the competitive opportunity nFlow digital dictation could give them but had not put DD in their budget for this year. It is well established that digital dictation can deliver significant costs savings for a practice so when coupled with the tax advantages and the minimal impact on cash flow a firm that takes up this option could quite easily be a lot better off over the 3 year period. I believe this makes the case for nFlow digital dictation even stronger.”
Lancashire added that as well as leading the market in terms of investment in R&D nFlow has also committed itself to finding innovative, flexible and affordable ways in which to make nFlow digital dictation available to as many firms as possible.