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nFlow running first free 'how to dictate' online training webinar

The 4th September will see UK digital dictation 'big three' player nFlow running its first 'how to dictate' online training webinar. The event is free and totally vendor-agnostic, so you can watch and learn from it even if you are not an existing nFlow DDS user.

Explaining the initiative, nFlow director Rob Lancashire said “nFlow believe that the ability to dictate is paramount to working efficiently. The recent Legal Technology Insider survey highlighted that 72% of respondents thought dictation training should become a standard part of induction at all firms therefore the need to train new staff how to dictate remains as key as ever to the efficient production of text within law firms.”

Because of this, nFlow's in house training team have developed a completely free online course aimed at new trainee solicitors as well as anyone who is interested in reviewing their dictation skills. The live session will teach fee earners how to dictate effectively, providing them with the skills to produce documentation quickly and accurately whilst working productively with their support team. This will be followed by a live Q&A session in which questions can be put to the nFlow trainers who have developed the course in conjunction with lawyers who have many years of experience.

nFlow are keen to stress that this course is completely FREE and has educational content only. It has no sales content and is open to anyone from any firm whether they are an nFlow customer or not.

Date             04/09/08
Time            11:30-12:30
Duration       30 mins dictation training  + 30 mins Q&A session
Attendees     New starters and those new to Digital Dictation
To register your interest please email: