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Nikec/Copitrak extends its social media buzz

At the end of last year Nikec Solutions (a division of Copitrak Systems) dipped its toes into the social media management systems sector with the introduction of the Netbox Blue SafeChat system into the UK. Now the company has gone one step further with the launch of BuzzNumbers.

Whereas Netbox Blue SafeChat is an inward-looking application for managing a firm’s own use of social media to interact with the outside world, BuzzNumbers is an outward looking system that monitors and reports on the online and social media coverage a firm and/or its clients are receiving in the wider world. Damian Jeal of Nikec says the value of BuzzNumbers is that it can alert a firm of potential issues, so that they can react proactively to online comment.

Nikec say a combination of Netbox and BuzzNumbers will give law firms a 360 degree, warts and all view of their social media presence. To enhance the Buzz product, Nikec is also offering social media consultancy in the form of regular reports and data analysis for law firms.

BuzzNumbers is an Australian company that has won a number of large orders from Australian government agencies. The company has also completed Sharepoint integrations and developed an iPad app. BuzzNumbers is a SaaS application and makes its UK debut at next month’s LawTech Futures event in London.