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No news day & here's to you Mrs Robinson

Apologies for ad hoc news coverage on this blog at the moment – this is entirely due to Insider/Orange Rag editor Charles Christian currently struggling with a bout of pneumonia – but he is expected live. In fact he feels so crocked that he can't think of any witty comments to make about the story in yesterday's Times newspaper headlined “Who really wins & loses in Irisgate?” This, sadly, proved not to have anything to do with legal IT vendors but was about Northern Ireland politician Mrs Iris Robinson and her state-funded toy-boy scandal.

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Well you could see how that could be taken in so many ways……marketing not that good for IRIS this week. Take a look at IRIS's entry in the new 2010 ILCA Suppliers Guide. It reads as follows for IRIS Legal Business:
“IRIS Law Business is a well-established legal accounts, case and practice management solution ideally suited to the sole practitioner and start-up solicitor.”
Now surely that’s the same product that’s been touted around for sites up to a 100 users (or more in some cases) as they attempt to sort out ILE? However, many will think what the marketing team published is totally accurate!! …. A new policy – be totally honest with the market even if it conflicts with what the troops have been told to say on the ground.

Is it fair to describe Mrs Robinson's former lover as a toy-boy?

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