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November Legal Technology Insider is out now

The November issue of the Legal Technology Insider* newsletter (UK & EMEA edition) is out now. Top stories include…
• Copitrak/Nikec Solutions announce first NetBox Blue win with Taylor Vinters
• LexisNexis Nimbus on schedule says Tim Cheadle
• Egress is fresh on the radar
• Ediscovery is in the news – and not hust for litigation
• and we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the worlds first business computer – hello LEO – + the 40th anniversary of the first microprocessor – hello Intel 4004 you little 4 bit chip off the silicon block
• plus all November's wins, deals & rollouts

soon… we have a round-up of Australia news on Friday 25th November –
the next issue of American Legal Technology Insider is out on Thursday 1 December – and the next UK & EMEA Insider is out on 15th December.

* The UK & EMEA Insider is a subscription only publication