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Now Nuance buys Copitrak – UPDATED

Nuance obviously enjoys the cost recovery systems market so much that, not content with buying Equitrac last year, the company has now bought Equitrac’s arch-rival Copitrak. Note this is the American company Copitrak – not Copitrak Systems/Copitrak Europe, which is an entirely separate business.

We’re getting a formal statement from Nuance later on the implications of this deal however for the time being, this is the party-line “Nuance did acquire Copitrak. We are excited about the acquisition and the opportunities it provides to strengthen relationships in the legal market and extend the entire Nuance portfolio into this market. Further the combination of our experienced teams will enable us to accelerate innovation and continue to provide market-leading solutions that meet the needs of organizations and partners.”

Meanwhile we hear the sound of champagne corks popping at nQueue Billback as, in the words of obe of their people “nQueue Billback is extremely excited about this, as Nuance will clearly not maintain both the Equitrac and Copitrak products, making nQueue Billback the safe, stable and reliable offering for law firms throughout the World.” Or, to put it another way, the Nuance acquisition has just halved the short-list nQueue will be up against in competitive pitches.

UPDATE – here’s the official word from Copitrak Systems Europe & Asia

On 31st December 2012 the North American group of Copitrak companies was acquired by Nuance Communications Inc. This was a North American only acquisition, incorporating Copitrak Inc., the Research & Development arm of the group, and Control Systems Inc., the US Sales and Support arm of the group. Copitrak Systems Europe & Asia are NOT part of this acquisition and remain an independent Copitrak supplier that will continue to supply and maintain Copitrak systems as we have done for the last 15 years.

Nuance purchased the Copitrak North American group of companies for the strengths that Copitrak brings to the marketplace. The main purpose of this transaction was to bolster Nuance’s market share in the Legal industry, which validates the mission and vision we have brought to the legal community over the past 15 years. Our strengths have always been our leading edge products coupled with our hands on local customer support and expertise, and this acquisition is recognition from Nuance that Copitrak is the world leader in its field. For this reason Nuance plans to keep the existing Copitrak development group and the in-field sales/dealers, support staff and network in place throughout the world.

So what does this mean for our clients?  We will continue in our role as a regional distributor of the Copitrak suite of products as we have for the past 15 years. Our clients will still purchase through us, their support will remain via us and to the same high standards, and we will continue to be their partner in the cost recovery and work flow solutions arena. It’s essentially business as usual with the added and exciting advantage that this acquisition brings with it the amalgamation of new and exciting technologies from both companies that will create a world-class offering unmatched anywhere.

We are extremely excited about this acquisition. Nuance is a 12,000 employee, 2.2 billion US dollar company, who have developed leading edge tools in voice, mobile and desktop areas. This coupled with Copitrak’s industry leading solutions and distribution model for the Legal industry is a perfect fit. Our clients will continue to enjoy the same level of product innovation and customer care they have become accustomed to and in time we expect our offerings to expand and provide an even richer portfolio of solutions to help run and manage their businesses.

Nicholas Child, Managing Director, Copitrak Systems Europe & Asia.