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Now Recommind launches an offer at Autonomy’s expense !

Last week it was OpenText taking a swipe at Autonomy with a free swap-out offer, this week it is the turn of Recommind that has launched a new trade-up promotion for current Autonomy customers. Under the deal, Recommind is offering organisations a credit for their Autonomy purchase against the cost of the equivalent Recommind product and number of licenses. More details can be found at

Recommind go on to say “We are already seeing companies switching from Autonomy amid growing concerns about lack of innovation and no promise of any significant R&D investment. With HP now embroiled in legal and regulatory battles for at least the next 2-3 years, this situation shows little signs of improving. But, with the volume, variety, velocity and complexity of digital data and information that organisations have to deal with today continuing to explode, end-to-end information management and analysis is crucial.”

COMMENT: We think the most likely candidates for swapouts here are going to be in the ediscovery, email management and enterprise search product categories.