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Now you can be a dictator with a BlackBerry

At the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando earlier this week, PaperIQ announced the launch of Enterprise Digital Dictation for BlackBerry smartphones in partnership with BigHand's BigHand3 digital dictation workflow system. Enterprise Digital Dictation for BlackBerry allows users to record, edit and play back digital dictations on their BlackBerry smartphone and immediately upload them wirelessly into their BigHand3 Server for flexible workflow routing and office-based transcription. It supports users on both BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service.

James Shannon, technical director at PaperIQ, said “PaperIQ looks for opportunities to develop applications that integrate with and complement existing enterprise systems that leverage the BlackBerry wireless solution. Our partnership with BigHand allows us to deliver a powerful application that gives BigHand customers, many of whom have already deployed BlackBerry smartphones, the opportunity to truly mobilize their users, thereby increasing productivity and reducing the number of devices they carry. The integration therefore allows these enterprises to gain even greater value from their existing investments in mobile and digital dictation technology. We've identified further synergies between enterprise digital dictation and our digital pen and paper products and expect the partnership to yield further innovation in this area over the coming months.”

A fully-functional single-user version of the Digital Dictation application is available for download from Enterprise Digital Dictation for Blackberry is achieved through license activation and installation of the PaperIQ Digital Dictation Bridge for BigHand, available from BigHand and its reseller channel worldwide. More information can be found at

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