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Nuix expands Investigator range of solutions designed for Big Data

Nuix, a provider of information management technologies, today announced two additions to the Nuix Investigator suite. The new solutions will allow corporate, law enforcement and regulatory investigators to search and analyse data across multiple devices and forensic images with unmatched speed.

“Investigators must deal with more and more very large storage devices and data repositories,” said Dr Jim Kent, a digital forensics expert and Nuix’s Managing Director, Europe. “Data volumes have outstripped investigators’ capabilities to analyse evidence one source at a time. Our new products can comfortably analyse and correlate data from any number of devices in small, large and disparate data sets.”

Nuix Enterprise Investigator is a high-performance, single-computer application for data sets ranging from individual devices to seven terabytes. Nuix Investigator Pod is a multi-server hardware and software solution for up to 500 terabytes of digital evidence, and can process up to 100 million emails and documents per day. Nuix also offers Forensic Investigator and Workstation Investigator products for smaller cases.

The Nuix Investigator range features an Evidence Pre-Filter function which enables investigators to triage tens or hundreds of terabytes of digital evidence so they can prioritise the most critical information first.

Nuix Investigator extracts the what, when , where and who of the case from hard drives, forensic images, smartphones, memory cards, all email formats, cloud services such as Hotmail and Gmail accounts, and corporate repositories including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint.

The software automatically identifies and cross-references key intelligence items such as names, email addresses and social security, phone and credit card numbers. It then correlates these items to show connections across multiple data sources and investigations.

“Investigators can then draw on their previous experience and intelligence and cross-reference amongst cases,” said Kent. “This is a more proactive way of dealing with investigations.”

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