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October American Insider out now

The October 2011 edition of the American Legal Technology Insider
newsletter (issue No #39) is out now.
Top stories include: more acquisitions by Aderant and Thomson Reuters + document automation systems on the radar + what Norm Thomas did next + what will independent vendors do next + more legal apps for your iPad + some of the highlights on the annual InsideLegal/ILTA survey.

The next (November) issue of American Legal Technology Insider
will be published on 10th November – deadline 5pm (EST) 8th November. Click
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11 replies on “October American Insider out now”

When I go to the AppStore I am unable to find any traces of IntApp's “new” iPad application. Am I missing something or is this the latest case of “vaporware”? Come on IntApp, show us the App!!!

IntApp didn't say their iPad app was available thru the Apple App Store …CC

Of course they didn't, and if they did they would not be telling the truth, since the App is obviously NOT in the AppStore. So where is this App? Anyone from IntApp care to comment?

That got me interested: anon is right. I tapped “Intapp ipad app” into Google and got zap. Loads of guff reshaping their original press release in August but the only reference I could see to obtaining it was by visiting their stand at ILTA. Not that I actually want the app, of course, nor did I spend hours on careful research but I'm curious why they would refer to its existence without actually appearing to put it out there. I presume it's useless without the rest of the paid-for server-side software.

Why would you want to give 30% of your revenue to Apple to distribute it under the App Store rather than distribute internally it as an enterprise app using iOS distribution provisioning profiles?

IntApp's Mobile and Tablet time apps were released last week and first platforms supported are iPhone and iPad respectively. But these apps are part of the IntApp Time Builder product line – so they work with the TB back end i.e. they are not standalone apps. So would it make sense to sell 'em on the AppStore? I thought not but tell me if I'm wrong. @kayems

This distribution method has a limit of 100 iPads in total. Certainly they must expect more than 100 users? Once they truly release the App, that is…

Released last week? But where are they? The only way to distribute commercial Apps to iPhones/iPads is through the AppStore. There is just no other way unless IntApp wants to force all it's clients to jailbreak their devices (which would be crazy, so let's discard that idea). So if the AppStore is the only way and the Apps are not in the AppStore… Kaye, you work for IntApp, right? So what are we missing?

Kaye – great that IntApp are developing 'Apps' whatever the distribution method is. The 'app' is just an enabler for the additional user devices that we are all now having to contend with, but one issue that could come out of all this, and therefore I ask vendors to consider, is the version control. Now that the current consumerisation revolution has resulted in users determining the device they use, control of applications becomes even more of a challenge if client 'apps' are freely downloadable from the app store. E.g. if firm X has Time Builder back end 1.0 and Intapp release iPad app 2.0 (requiring a back end upgrade to 2.0) will there be controls in place to prevent a mismatch? If not we are heading for challenging times – this could be a great ploy for vendors to get users to demand backend software upgrades from their IT dept but totally unmanageable across the enterprise. I know that third party solutions such as those by Good and Esselar are doing things to help with this scenario but I'm interested to know what the vendors are planning. Kaye?…..

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