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October UK/EMEA Insider out now

The digital edition of the October issue of Legal Technology Insider is out now – the print edition should be landing on desktops from Thursday (tomorrow) onwards. The next issue is out on 19 November – editorial deadline 12:00noon, Friday 13 November.

Apologies for the late email distribution today, our wonky satellite broadband link has been, err, wonkier than usual – apparently it's raining in space. BT say they have no plans to improve the local copper wire infrastructure round here any time soon – so if anyone knows of a reliable satcoms service, any pointers would be gratefully received.

3 replies on “October UK/EMEA Insider out now”

I thought there was a postal strike – we got our print copy of the Insider this morning.

And a minor miracle that they managed to deliver to an anonymous recipient!

Er, no, that will be the more prosaic “It's raining in Norfolk” effect, i.e. water being quite good at absorbing microwaves. Maybe the CIA can help you with that one, but any garden-variety sat-comms provider is going to have the same problem.
Looking on the bright side:
– You're in the driest part of the country.
– You can put the effect to good use by warming up a tasty snack whilst waiting for normal service to be resumed.
On the other hand, even if you get decent broadband eventually:
– The electrical supply will still go on the fritz every time it rains, thus rendering it useless (and no warm snack to boot).
– You'll still have been waiting a century to get some or all of mains gas, sewage and possibly water.

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