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Olswang select Axxia DNA

Top 50 law firm Olswang has selected to upgrade to Axxia's new DNA practice management-meets-businss process management system. The decision launches a 12 month project that will see Olswang roll out Axxia DNA in a series of phases throughout the firm.

Although an existing user of Axxia Arista, Olswang took the decision to launch a formal review process. Vendors were
invited to demonstrate the suitability of their product to fulfil current requirements and any future plans the firm may have, functional and technical capabilities and the overall business approach and company compatibility to the firm.

“We wanted to ensure that we had fully reviewed all options available to us rather than automatically upgrading
to Axxia DNA,” said
Olswang IT director Clive Knott. “There were a number of reasons that made Axxia DNA our preferred choice; they clearly demonstrated the solution and the likely business, time and financial savings, the increased business efficiencies, the web based browser platform and the underlying business process management.”

Phase one of the project focuses on time, billing and enquiries with phase two moving towards conflict and risk

Orange Rag comment: In recent months we've lost track of the number of time we've been told that Axxia had lost its way and that DNA was a flop. Perhaps the problem was that users just didn't “get it” in terms of what DNA, with its built in BPM platform, can actually do? Or, maybe part of the problem was Axxia struggling to explain the message to the market? Either way the penny has certainly dropped at Olswang and hopefully more orders should now follow, just as – after a relatively slow start – orders are starting to come in for Elite's new 3E system, which also combines PMS with BPM functionality.