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Olympics update: accountancy firm invests in Bighand for business continuity

National accountancy firm Crowe Clark Whitehill is replacing traditional analogue tapes and standalone dictation equipment with BigHand digital dictation workflow software and the BlackBerry App. The upgrade will strengthen the firm’s disaster recovery and business continuity strategy by ensuring that fee earners are equipped with mobility voice technology to retain productivity during the anticipated travel disruption surrounding this summer’s London Olympics.

Ian Norman, National IT Director, Crowe Clark Whitehill commented “Our aim in introducing BigHand digital dictation technology, with the added option of dictating via the BlackBerry, was primarily as a means of disaster recovery and business continuity strategy given the possible travel disruption this summer; and secondly, as a means of sharing work more effectively across and between offices.

“To date, three of our seven offices have embraced the software and we anticipate that demand for BigHand will continue to grow as more employees see the benefits experienced by colleagues already using the system. The ability to share work amongst transcriptionists has smoothed peaks and troughs of workload as well as removing delays caused by support staff taking time off for holidays or sick leave. Those that have adopted the system have found it incredibly intuitive to use, this has had the added benefit of very minimal training required.”