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Oops there goes another AIM Evolution site

Last week it was Lanyon Bowdler swapping out an IRIS Group AIM system in favour of Pilgrim LawSoft, this week its Brabner Street Chaffe swapping out an IRIS AIM Evolution system in favour of LexisNexis DNA. Here's the full announcement…

Brabners Chaffe Street LLP, one of the North West UK’s leading corporate and commercial law firms – currently standing at number #86 on the Insider top 250 chart – has selected LexisNexis Axxia dna as its integrated business management platform of choice. Replacing two legacy IRIS systems, LexisNexis Axxia dna will enable Brabners Chaffe Street to consolidate practice management and deliver operational efficiencies across its three sites in Liverpool, Manchester and Preston. The initial 10 year deal will immediately roll out the solution to 400 users and will expand in line with the firm’s growth.

Brabners Chaffe Street chose LexisNexis Axxia dna for its integrated document and financial management functionality, workflow technology and business intelligence offering. It will allow the firm to modernise and automate matter administration and offer value added services to customers, giving the business a distinct competitive advantage. From a document management perspective, the solution will enable secure remote and mobile working for staff across the firm’s three offices, creating a single and integrated business environment in the firm.

Allan Green, IT Director at Brabners Chaffe Street LLP, commented “Our previous system was made up of a disparate set of records.  Strategically, deploying an integrated platform makes immense business sense for us. The comprehensive functionality within LexisNexis Axxia dna, especially for document and financial management, is excellent and enables us to avoid the complexities of integrating individual best-of-breed solutions, saving valuable time, money and effort. LexisNexis Axxia dna is technologically very advanced and well supported for the future, which also played a key role in our decision making.”

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We've seen a clutch of LexisNexis Visualfiles wins reported in the Rag recently, now they seem to be finally getting dna sales going again with what looks like a significant new win in the top 100 that should make others looking to invest take note. It's good to see them quietly getting it together because the market needs long-term, legal-specific and stabe players that offer something innovative and solid. Well done LexisNexis. Sad to see in the blog that Doug is leaving but probably inevitable once Stuart Holden left. Good to see that their new team has alot of experience in the market and is making things happen. Let's hope Iris take note and hire people who understand this specialist niche so that they can compete at this level – seems to be a problem at present.

Hardly surprising after Allan's previous connections with Axxia.

erh I don't know what you're reading but the view appears to be that VisualFiles under Neil and Mark 9 out of 10 – VisualFiles under LN around 2 out of 10.
Good luck to Doug but it's Jim Chase Mk2 I guess and you've seen over recent days what's therefore happening to AIM sites.

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