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Open Text say looking forward to Sharepoint 10

Following rumours earlier this week that Open Text might be rethinking its Legal Information Management (LIM) product strategy, the company has issued the following statement…

“Legal Information Management remains a strategic component of the legal solutions portfolio at Open Text. Feedback from early adopters of the product has been very favourable and development of a SharePoint 2010 compatible version is already underway. An updated product road map for LIM will be published shortly.”

One reply on “Open Text say looking forward to Sharepoint 10”

Vendors going crazy saying they have Sharepoint 2010 strategies.
Seems to me most of them don't have the ability or vision to come up with anything of any real value to us, rather they're trying to finds the next trend to ride.
Anybody care to comment about which vendors you expect to deliver something you would trust?
And why?

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